Our Story:

The name came from the magical phrase in the story of “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” in One Thousand and One Nights. Like the spell opens the mouth of a cave full of treasure, we wish to open your door to success through our partnership and creativity.

The Team:

Litsko Brennen


Litsko came from the land of Sushi, Ninja and other strange things. She studied in Hawaii and Michigan, graduating with a BFA with an emphasis on Graphic Design and Photography.

After working for a decade at a large advertising company in Michigan with wide variety of national-brand clients, Litsko started her own design shop in Colorado, to better serve small business owners with care and compassion.

Now her office has moved to California, Litsko enjoys year-round sunshine from her office window. While running DesignSesame! is her passion, she has another dream job—being a mom to a beautiful son.


Scott Brennen


Scott started as a web designer. Being a natural-born problem solver, his capabilities grew from a visual design to bigger, more structural and strategical aspects of design—User Experience Design. With his degrees in BFA and MA, he has a long history of crafting brand experiences with a user centered design approach for clients, including large automobile brands such as Chrysler and Lincoln, national brands such as American Express and Dominos Pizza, and local Californian companies such as lynda.com and MINDBODY.

In his life outside work, Scott enjoys fatherhood, producing electronic music, mountain biking, motorcycles and road trips.