What to do with your photographs??—① Greeting Cards

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So you have tons of photos on your phone, and maybe occasionally on your camera, perhaps downloaded onto your computer, and if you’re like me, neatly organized in folders.
And now you have even more pictures taken professionally, which are sitting in those folders—what do you do with them!?


A couple of weeks ago, I got to photograph a newborn baby 🙂
The mom, my dear friend Lindsey, had a fun idea for the announcement card, so we worked together to style the shoot.
She was going to use an online service, such as Shutterfly, but hey. I happened to be a graphic designer!

I have to admit, those online printing services have some cute pre-made designs.
But just a little more creativity will make it much more personal and unique!

And frankly, who has time to go through all those templates and upload pictures and type in the info and… etc. etc.?


So here is the proof:

DesignSesame! LLC Photography Lindsey Faucette


Retouched and added little design elements:

DesignSesame! LLC Photography Lindsey Faucette


Final product: a personalized, 2-sided 7″ x 5″ New Member of the Family card 🙂

Photograph of Leo by DesignSesame! LLC Photography


The next time you have a special occasion or seasonal project, leave it to me—
I’ll do it all for you, from photographing the moments to designing beautiful, one-of-a-kind cards!

Hugs, Lits 🙂


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