Why a graphic designer doing photography??

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It was about a month ago, we were notified that our son’s preschool was closed indefinitely.
Since it was literally two days before the new school year started, we were so late in the game to find a school which was suitable for him and had a spot for him.
We looked into different options that were still available to us, and we didn’t find much other than taking a homeschooling route.

I panicked.
Last year, I was able to work more while he was in school. But now, my time is gone.


Photography has always been my creative outlet.
Ever since I picked up that old Canon AE-1 at an used camera shop in Honolulu for my art school classes, I was so into it that I even had a dark room built in our basement when we bought a small house in Michigan.

I shot a couple of weddings, shot a bunch of portraits, landscapes, et cetera.
But I never really intended to make money out of it, because I was afraid it would take the joy out of it.
Until, of course, now.

I can shoot in the evenings and weekends, and edit the pictures while my son goes to “enrichment programs” a few hours a week.
I’m able to do a lot of “mom” things + my new role as a homeschooling teacher.
But best of all, it gives me the satisfaction of creating something for me and for clients, and it helps me sustain my business.
And to my surprise, I’m LOVING it! Even with table-top shots, I get so excited that I can feel my adrenaline pumping.


As one of my very dear friends tells me, things happen for a reason.
I believe this whole thing is meant to be for this year—I now have an excuse to take my photography into a business, which was always something I wanted to do but never had a courage to do so.


To my dear clients, thank you so much for your support, empathy and understanding. It’s been a roller-coaster ride but I’m riding it!
While I may be doing more photography than design this year, I’m still available for projects—so please don’t hesitate to contact me, no project is too small!

Hugs, Lits 🙂


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