A gearhead of me…

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My gears must make me feel happy to be around.

For example, I love this little decal on my laptop. It makes me smile. It even kinda looks like me, too 🙂

My camera is super sleek, which I love, but it needed a little “me” to it.
When I found this Camera Cozy tutorial by Photojojo, my heart jumped.

I love cute things, but they must not be cutesy.
This one had just enough cuteness to it, and I liked the subtlety. I liked it immediately.

I’m crafty but knitting isn’t one of my favorites, but there!
(BTW do you like the toilet mobile, courtesy of my 4-year-old?)

Sometimes you have to go beyond your comfort zone and just do it.
I’m extra motivated to be crafty when I want something that’s not available to buy 😉

These little things matters a lot to me.

Hugs, Lits 🙂


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